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warning LNK4086: entrypoint “_wWinMainCRTStartup” is not __stdcall with 12 bytes of arguments; image may not run

The error is due to an exe configuration linked with xxx.def. Advertisements

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Patterns for Offline Concurrency Control

First choice is Optimistic Offline Lock. It is easier to program and yields the best liveness. Alternative is Pessimistic Offline Lock. Coarse-Grained Lock and Implict Lock can save considerable complexity by not trying to manage locks on every object.

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My Daughter

My Daughter joined my family last Friday. She is very lovely, although her mother suffered huge pain welcoming her birth. At the first moment, I dare not hold her in my arm for she is so flabby. To my supprise, … Continue reading

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Found a good book, "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" by Martin Fowler. It talks of real world design solution. Another book, "Patter-Oriented Analysis and Design Composing Patterns to Design Software Systems" by "Sherif M. Yacoub and Hany H. Ammar" is … Continue reading

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Software Reuse, Component Reuse, Library Reuse and Code Reuse

For a small project, it seems that the most efficient mechanism is code reuse. When one project is evaluated to be one month efforts, and the legacy system is pretty old and conservative, I feel reluctant to add some 3rd … Continue reading

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CPPUnit and MFCTestRunner

MFCTestRunner is a dialog framework for cppunit. It is introduced in here and here. I did a funny thing with it– Use a single project to create both console application and GUI application. My colleagues created two projects, one was … Continue reading

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Writing Secure Code

This code talks of security concern in coding practice. It only addresses windows programming practices. It can be a good tutorial for coding standards on windows platform. The second edition does not add much new stuff.

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