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Corba, COM and Web Service

COM — Microsoft recommends that developers use the .NET Framework rather than COM for new development (Cited from COM homepage: COM is rarely deployed on system other than Windows. It is also difficult to interoperate with Java. Corba — … Continue reading

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unzip to E:\apps\svn-win32-1.4.0Set environment variableE:\apps\svn-win32-1.4.0\bin>set APR_ICONV_PATH=E:\apps\svn-win32-1.4.0\iconvE:\apps\svn-win32-1.4.0\bin>svn helpFind path of %APPDATA%echo %APPDATA% Edit file %APPDATA%\Subversion\servers to configure proxy[global]# http-proxy-exceptions = *, http://www.internal-site.orghttp-proxy-host = ****.comhttp-proxy-port = 8088 E:\apps\svn-win32-1.4.0\bin> svn co /trunk

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Corba problem solved

Solved a runtime problem on corba client today. I have a code snippet that works in one project but failed in another project. After painful investigation and try-and-error investigation, the solution seems to be linking addtional two libraries with the … Continue reading

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Gaim2.0beta3 and Cygwin

Gaim2.0beta3 process started but is invisible on one machine. By checkingits process I found that it has C:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll andC:\cygwin\bin\tcl84.dll. I put an empty file named tcl84.dll at theinstallation directory of gaim.exe and start it again, this time it promptsan error … Continue reading

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Post by email

Codingboy tole me that I could post blog via email, photoes could also be included in attachment, but I got the following message:Delivery to the following recipients failed.DEPRESSING!

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When designing a XML schema (xsd) for converting a binary file to xml file, I have added some <xs:annotation> nodes to the xml schema document in order to help understanding the schema, some unused binary fields are also inserted in … Continue reading

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write processing instruction to xml file in xerces

DOMImplementation* impl =DOMImplementationRegistry::getDOMImplementation(X("Core")); DOMDocument* doc = impl->createDocument( 0, // root element namespace URI. X("fruitfruit"), // root element name 0); // document type object (DTD). DOMProcessingInstruction* pi =doc->createProcessingInstruction(X("xml"), X("version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"standalone=\"yes\"")); doc->insertBefore(pi,doc->getDocumentElement()); DOMWriter* myWriter =((DOMImplementationLS*)impl)->createDOMWriter(); myWriter->setEncoding(X("UTF-8")); if(myWriter->canSetFeature(XMLUni::fgDOMXMLDeclaration,false)) { myWriter->setFeature(XMLUni::fgDOMXMLDeclaration,false); } XMLFormatTarget *myFormatTarget … Continue reading

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