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Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design

The book "Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design Composing Patterns to Design Software Systems" by Sherif M. Yacoub and Hany H. Ammar is too abstruse, a thesis like book good for scientist and researcher, but from an engineer’s point of view, it … Continue reading

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Microsoft – Microsoft Windows Internals Fourth Edition(2004)

Just got a Chinese translation of this book and read about 1/3 of it. So far, I am sorry to say that I am not 100% satisfied with the translation.

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C++ Coding Standards

Just got the book "C++ Coding Standards 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices" by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu. This book is beyond C++ tutorial. If you feel familiar to the name "Andrei Alexandrescu"? Check "Modern C++ Design" and "Loki".Herb … Continue reading

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Add ATL object to existing MFC SDI project

I met the following mistakes:missing [out] specifier in IDL file, so the method can’t be called by vbscript;messing up CLSID and LIBID.AfxGetApp() and AfxGetMainWnd() return NULL — workaround is to use theApp object, store HWND as a member of theApp … Continue reading

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MVC model

MVC model is compound patterns including Observer ( Model<–> View), Strategy (View <–> Controller), and Composite pattern (View).MVC might be suitable for framework designing, while for application that is not foreseeing much possibility of reuse, it is over engineering, controller … Continue reading

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Inception phase of UP

The following artifacts may start in Inception:Vision and Business CaseUse-Case Model — Identify names of most use case, analyze 10% most important use cases in detail expressed in text forms.Supplementary SpecificationGlossaryRisk List and Risk Management PlanPrototypes and proof-of-conceptsIteration PlanPhase Plan … Continue reading

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Importance of coverage of Unit test

In my project I used a template to do some work (copy a collection to byte array). The template seems to be working well and it passed two cases of unit test. For one second I wanted to stop and … Continue reading

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