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MOM is missing in C++ world

I am a little surprised to the fact that there is no mature MOM open source and cross platform project in C++, while there are a lot in Java. Advertisements

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ROT and typelib

If typelib is not properly registered, a COM object can be registered to ROT, but subsequent GetObject would fail with error : "Invalid Pointer". It is valid to have two typelib in one executable, but the registeration has to be … Continue reading

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Excel formula for calculating income tax

This formula calculates income tax of annual bonus, and I just put it here for my own memo, not valid for other usage.=IF(C22<=500, F22/12*5%*12,0) + IF( AND(500<=2000), (F22/12*10%)*12,0)+ IF( AND(2000<=5000),(F22/12*15%)*12,0) + IF(AND(5000<=20000),(F22/12*20%)*12,0) + IF(AND(20000<=40000),(F22/12*25%)*12, 0) + IF(40000<C22, (F22/12*25%)*12, 0) The … Continue reading

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windbg and cygwin is not compatible

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Got BSOD yesterday

I was copying files from a compressed folder to c:\ using Windows XP SP2 explorer,  it  reported to  take about 87 minutes, but it seems stopped at copying a file so I want to cancel the operation. The "Cancel" button … Continue reading

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