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upgrade ubuntu karmic to lucid

This is done by using "Update Manager". The most disappointing thing is reading that the following packages are no longer supported. I care most is "scim-pinyin". bluetoothcompiz-fusion-plugins-extraglchessglinesgnectgnibblesgnobots2gnome-pilotgnome-pilot-conduitsgnotravexgnotskigtaliiagnolatex-xft-fontslibcompress-bzip2-perllibesd-alsa0libgmime-2.0-2alibgtkhtml2-0libsensors3libtrackerclient0libusplash0mesa-utilsnetcat-traditionalplasma-widget-googlecalendarpython-sexyscim-pinyinsreadaheadubuntu-xsplash-artworkxsanexsane-commonxsplash The update process will upgrade 1736 packages, download 960MB content. It took about … Continue reading

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mplayer on kubuntu karmic

There are too many posts asking for enable rmvb support on ubuntu, but it is too difficult to follow the various instructions – some download links are broken, some instructions are vague, etc. At last I found codecs packages, but it … Continue reading

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The GTK version installed by Pidgin 2.6.6 often fails to copy text to clipboard, so I upgraded it to GTK 2.20.0, but unfortunately it is incompatible with Pidgin. Oh, surprise.

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Running Object Table leads to memory leak

“When an object is registered, the ROT always calls AddRef on the object.”, but IRunningObjectTable::Revoke will not call Release method of registered object if there is client using the object, so later when all clients released its reference, the COM … Continue reading

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Apple close the door

Apple is such a successful company that it makes good performance on marketing, and also leads people’s opinion towards itself – it should be regarded as a consumer company, not an IT company. IT companies are usually under the fire … Continue reading

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Chinese IME on kubuntu karmic

IBus is built-in IME tool, but it is less user friendly. scim pinyin gives me better user experience.        sudo apt-get install scim-qtimm im-switch scim-pinyin      im-switch -z en_US -s scim

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kubuntu karmic wireless setup

"tail /var/log/messages" says I am missing some firmware files. First install firmware for wireless card, the installer can automatically download fireware files.      sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutterrestart machinekill knetworkmanager (because it can’t connect to hidden wireless network) and then start "nm-applet".

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