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Retrieve money data from PostgreSQL via ODBC API

The behaviour of money type in PostgreSQL is weird. SQLDescribeCol reports the type as SQL_FLOAT, ColumnSize is 7, but SQLGetData always get 0.0 if I am trying to use type SQL_C_FLOAT, SQL_C_DOUBLE or SQL_ARD_TYPE. At last I am able to … Continue reading

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find out which process locked a file

There are several tools for this purpose. Unlocker is a GUI tool and I like the portable version. Handle.exe By Mark Russinovich is a command line tool. c:\tools\handle -p notepad.exe | grep O-Drive c:\tools\handle -a | grep O-Drive c:\tools\handle -a | grep … Continue reading

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Pidgin and Chinese in MSN conversations

By default Pidgin does not display Chinese in MSN conversations correction, offline log file is using " font-family: Segoe UI" for incoming messages.Pidgin "View Log" does not display chinese correctly. Solution:change file C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrcgtk-font-name = “SimSun 9″Run C:\Program Files\Common … Continue reading

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ODBC driver performance on large result-setsAccessing PostgreSQL in C/C++VC++ access PostgreSQL via ODBC Performance Tuning PostgreSQL install unixodbc-dev or libiodbc2-dev and iodbc via synapticUpdate /etc/odbcinst.ini [PostgreSQLW]Description        = PostgreSQL ODBC driverDriver        = /opt/PostgreSQL/psqlODBC/lib/psqlodbcw.soSetup        = /usr/lib/odbc/libodbcpsqlS.soUsageCount    = 1 [PostgreSQLA]Description   … Continue reading

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Comparison of different SQL implementations

Comparison of different SQL implementations What are the limitations of MSDE?Compare SQL Server 2008 Edition Features Oracle Database 10g Express EditionLimitations of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition MS SQL is using filegroups. Tablespace is used by MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. … Continue reading

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