Comparison of different SQL implementations

Comparison of different SQL implementations
What are the limitations of MSDE?
Compare SQL Server 2008 Edition Features
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
Limitations of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

MS SQL is using filegroups. Tablespace is used by MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Index hints
SQL SERVER – Force Index Scan on Table – Use No Index to Retrieve the Data – Query Hint
SELECT ProductID, ProductNumber, Color
FROM Production.Product WITH (INDEX(0))
WHERE ProductID < 500

Force T-SQL Query to Use Certain Index to Improve Query Performance

Oracle force index tips
easiest way to force index usage is with the index hint.  When
forcing an index, always use the table alias whenever you have a query

that specifies an alias. For example, the following query will force
use of the dept_idx index because the emp table is aliased with “e”:

select /*+
index(e,dept_idx) */ * from
emp e;

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