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Build async_udp_echo_server.cpp of boost.asio library

Build it on Windows XP via VC8.0 C:\cpp\boost_1_33_1\libs\asio\example\echo>cl async_udp_echo_server.cpp Link Error: async_udp_echo_server.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl boost::throw_exception(class std::exception const &)" (?throw_exception@boost@@YAXABVexception@std@@@Z) referenced in function "public: void __thiscall boost::asio::detail::win_iocp_io_service::run(void)" (?run@win_iocp_io_service@detail@asio@boost@@QAEXXZ)async_udp_echo_server.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals … Continue reading

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build boost 1.33.1 on Windows XP Chinese

To fully build boost lirary on Chinese OS, I have to change default codepage to English(United States) before building with the following command line. C:\cpp\boost_1_33_1>bjam "-sTOOLS=vc-8_0" install Otherwise some libraries will not be build.(regex)

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limitation of python

I am trying to create a build script in Python, so I want to redirect console output to Python. It seems to be an easy task on Linux platform, but not working on Windows Platform. Platform independent is the major … Continue reading

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Delete read only file on windows

_chmod(dst_file.c_str(), _S_IWRITE); // does not work (Windows XP SP2)SetFileAttributes(dst_file.c_str(), FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL); // working!DWORD copyret = CopyFile(src_file.c_str(), dst_file.c_str(), FALSE);

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install google toolbar 3.0beta

I like the features of bookmark in google toolbar 3.0beta, so I decided to upgrade by addon. Although I edit option of firefox to allow addon from and, it still prevent the addon being installed.OK, I am a … Continue reading

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bookmark on network programming

ACE_WIN32_Proactor sample Boost.ASIO Greate post on Reactor and Proactor patterns Comparing Two High-Performance I/O Design Patternsby Alexander Libman with Vladimir GilbourdNovember 25, 2005 Url: TProactor (ACE compatible Proactor) – add-on to ACE class-libraries, which allows using of ACE … Continue reading

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empty base64Binary value in XML

MSXML4.0 reports error when an XML element has empty value of base64Binary type. The following url explained that empty value is valid Furthermore, the Second Edition of XMLSchema [2] has a regular expression for base64Binary which explicitly allows empty (base64) … Continue reading

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