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Fastest IPC method on Windows XP/Vista

Problem: Find out a fastest method sending 1000 messages of 2MB size from one process to another process. Result table provide by Onega on XP SP2 and Vista. IPC method XP(seconds) Vista(seconds) Remote memory access (ReadProcessMemory) 5.5 5.75 — max … Continue reading

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boost::interprocess::mapped_region can’t get size of boost::interprocess::windows_shared_memory

User has to pass size explicitly to ctor of mapped_region, otherwise mapped_region.get_size() return 0. The boost document mentioned it, but I think the mapped_region implementation should not allow user ignore size parameters when mapped_region is working with windows_shared_memory.

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no best mail client

Windows Live Mail can’t receive message body behind proxy, only subject is received. Thunderbird 2.0.14 can’t receive gmail behind proxy, it failed to access too with/without proxy.

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Patch another process Cross Process Subclassing Hooking MSN Messenger 7 with VC++, A tutorial on how to hook MSN Messenger Hijack Textout Calls From Notepad APIHijack – A Library for easy DLL function hooking. API hooking … Continue reading

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Visual Assist X 10.4.1638.0 causes VC++ 2008 crash

Just after upgraded to Visual Assist X 10.4.1638.0, my VC++ 2008 keeps crashing at startup. Restoring Visual Assist X 10.4.1626.0 fixed this problem.

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RegisterHotKey in wxWidgets

Register hotkey via main window, not child window. Some keys do not work. In one case RegisterHotKey(CapturePage::hotkey_id, wxMOD_CONTROL, ‘8’); worked but "F12" does not work. EVT_HOTKEY(CapturePage::hotkey_id, PathUtilDlg::OnHotkey)

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