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Understand what the team expects

Creative people needs for job security.Agree, quite a lot people don’t change job for better offer. They would prefer work for large company to small company. Most development professionals want to work on a cohesive and cooperative team. Many people … Continue reading

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online 大怪路子

  原来一直在中国游戏中心打大怪,这几天发现了上游棋牌,有以下的比较:   上游棋牌 中国游戏中心 人数 略多 略少 大厅 头像太大,一个屏幕内看到的桌数有限,不方便找5缺1的桌子 显示比较简洁,方便找5缺1的桌子 桌子 每个人都能看到自己的剩余牌张数。牌和人的位置一致。 大家都在看同一个人的剩余牌张数,进了10张才显示其他人。只有一个人的牌和自己位置一致,其他人看起来都是错位的,很不方便。 聊天区 广告很多 广告少

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Hacking class definition

Once I was asked a question: how to avoid duplicating virtual method declaration in both base class and derived classes? Because there are more than 100 pure virtual functions he has to copy to every derived class. My first answer … Continue reading

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