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ACE test_cancel sample problem when remote peer close socket after sending data

When sending socket was closed before the socket is canceled, the program runs into endless loop. It is produced by the following steps: Build the ACE_wrappers\examples\Reactor\Proactor\test_cancel project on windows XP via VC8 SP1 and start it, Start up the following … Continue reading

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Eclipse — another heavy platform

Eclipse is being strongly advocated by people NOT using it in their daily life. The real story is, once you move to it, most likely you’ll dislike it for various reason. At least for one thing, it is rather heavy. … Continue reading

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wxWidgets-2.8.6 and VC8 on Windows XP

It seems that I have to enable USE_EXCEPTIONS when building wxWidgets via VC8 on Windows XP, otherwise the sample code(E:\opensource\wxWidgets-2.8.6\samples\except\except.dsp) got stack overflow problem. I also need to add a function to this sample project in order to fix the … Continue reading

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Steps to reproduce: Create an out-of-proc COM server, add one method STDMETHODIMP ExeMsg::Test(long process_id, long thread_id){    std::stringstream ss;    ss  << "ExeMsg::Test() Called from process " << process_id        << " caller thread " << thread_id        << " callee process " << … Continue reading

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Use XPATH to filter “xml:lang” via MSXML in VC6

#include "stdafx.h"#include <TCHAR.H>#include <stdio.h>#include <time.h>#import "msxml4.dll"using namespace MSXML2; inline void EVAL_HR( HRESULT _hr )    { if FAILED(_hr) throw(_hr); } void printMSXMLError(const IXMLDOMDocument2Ptr& pXMLDoc){    try    {        IXMLDOMParseErrorPtr pError = NULL;        EVAL_HR(pXMLDoc->get_parseError(&pError) );        _ftprintf(stderr, pError->reason);    }    catch(…)    {//Exception handling    }} int … Continue reading

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build boost1.34.1

Using VC++ 2005 (vc80)Create  a batch file with the following content to build boost 1.34.1 via VC8. The tricky thing is to clean PATH variable, otherwise MkDir1 may fail with strange error message "spawn: Invalid argument". REM clean PATH to … Continue reading

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