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FreeBSD 8.0

Xming and Xming-fonts-7-5-0-11-setup.exe are installed on Windows XP to access FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE-p2. I need to configure proxy for Epiphany via System->Preferences->Network Proxy. Epiphany is too slow to display Latest stable release Eclipse Galileo is not available, only Eclipse … Continue reading

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Compaq nc6230 vs HP 8510p

nc6230 8510p Battery Good, can still work 40+ minutes after 4 years Poor, can only last for 10 minutes after 2 years Wireless Good Poor, can’t connect to Wireless AP in another room Speaker Good Poor quality

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aMule on ubuntu karmic

I downloaded¬†aMule source code,¬† install some required components via Synaptic Package Manager libupnp3-dev ( libupnp4 is not compatible with aMule 2.2.6 – Upnp_Discovery is incomplete)libcrypto++-devlibwxgtk2.8-devzlib1g-devrun "./configure", then "make", but at last aMule can be installed via "Synaptic Package Manager". According … Continue reading

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Qt Creator 1.3

I am using Qt Creator 1.3 on Ubuntu Karmic. Its intellisense feature is good, but it doesn’t provide advanced project management feature. There is no GUI to change include/library path. The only way is modifying .pro file manually by adding … Continue reading

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stateful predicate

Generally stateless predicate is recommended due to the reason explained by ARR44-CPP. Predicate functors should not have non-static data fields. But there are some cases we need the ability to remember states. Here I give a working example. #include <vector>#include … Continue reading

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