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Purify reports memory leak in UpdateRegistryFromResource method

Rational Purify reported memory leak in UpdateRegistryFromResource method, which is introduced by DECLARE_REGISTRY_RESOURCEID(…) macro. After I rebuilt with _ATL_STATIC_REGISTRY enabled, Rational Purify is happy. Advertisements

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The secret of planning and estimation.

In order to be successful, good estimation must contain enough buffer for the team, as expressed by many well known experts. I always add 30% to my original estimate for anticipated problems then another 20% to cover things I hadn’t … Continue reading

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C++ VS Java

C++ is less strict than Java:undefined length of bool may be a problem for the same C++ code compiled by different compiler.Exception and RTTI are implementation dependent. C++ does not have good support for various apsects:CORBA, Web Service, XML, thread, … Continue reading

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Book review: Software Engineering

Obtained a copy of Software Engineering (by Ian Sommerville) 8 Ed. It touched all the aspects of software engineering and provided a good overview on classic to modern software engineering aspects. It at last cleared my confusion over Project Management … Continue reading

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PSP is not silver bullet.

Here I am trying to analyzing some opinions of PSP fitting into life of real world. PSP opinion: You should spend at least half as much time reviewing a product as you spent producing it. Onega: I never see a … Continue reading

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LoadIcon() failed in Ctor of CDialog derived class

Once I encountered an application that raise runtime error in Ctor of a CDialog derived class at the following line: m_hIcon = AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon(IDR_MAINFRAME); After revisiting the program, I found that there is a global variable of this dialog class, this … Continue reading

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