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“Do not program prematurely” is not “Do not program”

There are a lot of books proclaim that "Do not program prematurely". Many readers understand it as "Do not program" before you have a mature model. This is misleading because for Non-functional requirements, it is difficult to model without investigation. … Continue reading

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Changing the Startup type and description of VC++ 2008 service project

#include <stdio.h>#include <sstream>#include <xutility>#include <exception>#include <iomanip>typedef std::basic_stringstream<TCHAR> tsstream;typedef std::basic_string<TCHAR> tstring;#ifdef _UNICODE#define __FUNCTIONT__ __FUNCTIONW__#else#define __FUNCTIONT__ __FUNCTION__#endif class COzSvcModule : public CAtlServiceModuleT< COzSvcModule, IDS_SERVICENAME >{public :    DECLARE_LIBID(LIBID_OzSvcLib)    DECLARE_REGISTRY_APPID_RESOURCEID(IDR_OZSVC, "{08E6E609-0FBD-4098-8006-D703FCEB8C17}")    HRESULT InitializeSecurity() throw()    {        // TODO : Call CoInitializeSecurity and provide the appropriate … Continue reading

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start MPICH2 program on its own.

The documentation specified two methods to start a task, via mpiexec (for normal use)  or setmpi2.bat (for debug). So comes out the following code snippet that does not depends on mpiexec or setmpi2.bat. #include <mpi.h>#include <iostream> #include <stdio.h>#include <tchar.h>#include <sstream> … Continue reading

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Dopod 256M ROM 128 RAM

  Model CPU Camera Price P660 TI OMAP 850, 201Mhz 200万像素;CMOS成像传感器;带微距, GPRS 4280 P860 Qualcomm MSM7205, 400MHz 300万像素CMOS,支持自动对焦,支持录像功能. GPRSUSB 2.0 6680 S600 Qualcomm 7205 , 400Mhz 主摄像头为200万像素CMOS镜头副摄像头为10万像素CMOS镜头 4980 S1精英版 TI OMAP 850,200MHz 200万像素CMOS,支持录像功能 3980 E616 Samsung 2442 400MHz 200万像素CMOS,支持录像功能. GPRS … Continue reading

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Build mpich2-1.0.7 via Visual C++ 2008

There are some compatibility issues between MPICH2 and VC++ 9.0, so I log my build process here for reference. Run winconfigure.wsf first, which will produce two error message box. Convert mpich2.sln to VC90 solution, then remove the following projects from … Continue reading

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Parallel and High Performance Computing

MS MPI vs. MPICH2 Download MS MPI here MPI vs OpenMP PVM FAQ

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boost.bimap and boost.multi_index container

It is interesting that the boost group accepted some libraries that are heavily overlapped. In my opinion, bimap can be specialized in multi_index library, in fact multi_index library contains a bimap usage sample.

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